Why Christmas is celebrated on 25th December


Christmas is a festival of Christians celebrated on 25th December every year. It is one of the most important festivals in the western world and not only the Christians but the non-Christians also celebrate it in a very enthusiastic manner. Family and friends come together on this day and celebrate it in different ways. Sharing presents is on of the common thing and inviting on Dinner and offering self made baked cakes are also very popular. 

Merry Christmas 2016
Merry Christmas 2016

Christmas is celebrated every year to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God. Though the reason of celebration is obvious, there are many different theories regarding the date of celebration. We will cover some of the answer to the question - Why Christmas is celebrated on 25th December.

Why Christmas is celebrated

As pointed out earlier, it's the day to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated by over 2 billion people across the world.  The name "Christmas" is derived from Mass of Jesus Christ. A Mass service is where Christians remember the dying of Jesus and then coming back to life to serve. Also, the first time Christmas was celebrated on 25th December was in the year 336 A.D. After some years, the Pope at that time declared this date to be celebrated as Jesus Christ birthday.

Why Christmas is celebrated on 25th December?

This has many theories. There is no known date when Jesus Christ was born, not even in the Bible. The one popular believe is that Jesus was conceived on March 25th by Mary, and hence exactly after 9 months, his birth day is celebrated. There are many other theories you can read at WikiPedia.

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